Our logotype

Design: D. Nebot / N. Lavernia
Realization: B. Payá / J. V. Paredes
Volume: D. Nebot
Date: febrero 1988

In a number of books in the Babel or Borges Libraries there must be amanuenses randomly combining all the letters and signs of vocabulary and writings. Past, present and future.

We noticed that the logo we were looking for was already “written” and suddenly realised who could show us: Matisse. In fact, he had held the answer for over thirty years. Later, we waded through books on Botany and discovered that these same shapes, curiously, were used to describe the evolution of plant species. Heywood, Bessey and other famous botanists confirmed the choice of language.

Of course, certain modifications were needed, adding texts, resolving applications. And, finally, we had to move on from the problem of logo, to that of identifying the image necessary to communicate it. But, as in the Borges Library, our text had already been written and we only had to write the epilogue.

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