RESEARCH | Medicinal plants


The SEPLAN research team or the CEU-UCH group working on Medicinal Plants at El Botànic are multi-disciplinary and inter-university groups, facilitating a comprehensive study of the “medicinality” of plant resources, encouraging the rational use of such plants. Knowing the potential medicinal use of our surroundings involves:
  1. Studying plant communities in their habitat and live plants.
  2. Studying the abundance of plants and their phenological stages, to set agendas and schedules of for their use.
  3. Characterizing the active components of plants and fungi morphologically and anatomically, to be able to implement subsequent identification and quality control.
  4. Seeking potential uses of plants whose properties are unknown..
  5. Studying the toxicity of potentially useful plants.
  6. Studying the active molecules..
The following research teams comprise the SEPLAN group. Those dealing with botanical studies (vegetation, morphology and histology of plants) are carried out at the Botanical Garden while those concerning phytochemistry and pharmacology are underway at the laboratories of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad CEU-Cardenal Herrera.

The SEPLAN group is linked to the Reference Laboratory of Public Health (Lab. \ 0198) which is authorized by the General Directorate of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Generalitat Valenciana. As both research group and research area, it currently belongs to the Platform for Research into Food Safety, Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, Generalitat Valenciana.

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